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The vibration system that preps your face for better absorption

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Invest in Innovation With the Help of Well-Pro USA

About Our Product

RejuvaFace is the only tabletop, total face vibration machine. This product uses heat at 42 degrees Celsius and various speeds of vibrations to relax and prep the face for better absorption of all creams, serums, and face masks. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and makes the skin glow brighter.

For a product that helps people put their best face forward each day, invest in Well-Pro USA!

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Why Invest in RejuvaFace

There are hundreds — if not thousands — of creams, serums, and masks that make varying claims. However, none of them have a hands-free vehicle to prep the entire face.

There are other vibration systems out there for skincare that are handheld. Unfortunately, they only cover a small surface area of the face at a time and are not designed to be used with creams, serums, or face masks.

Our machine works with all of the aforementioned skincare products and helps enhance their absorption. The market potential for RejuvaFace is enormous, and we are confident that we will expand this and secure a strong market share in all the promoted countries.


Product Development Costs

The product can be manufactured for a cost of $25.00 FOB China and sold for a retail price of $200.00. We also plan to sell a line of disposable cosmetic masks to be used with the machine.

Potential Market

The antiaging market is expected to be about 200-billion-strong globally by 2019. Our patents open up markets in seven to nine countries.

Target Date to Go to Market

The product should be ready for launch in Q3–Q4 2019.

Execution Plan / Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy

We plan to sell the product on T.V., online, and retail. We also intend to sell machine stations to spas and nail salons using cosmetic sale force to upsell our cosmetic masks and other products.

Available Equity

The available equity amounts to 40%–60%. It depends on cosmetic footprints and other factors.


We have invested $100,000 in the development of a working prototype as well as patent applications and protection in nine countries. We currently have an approved utility patent in the U.S., Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Mexico.

In addition, we have a design patent in all of the aforementioned countries, plus China and South Korea. The initial U.S. patent was approved in 2016.

The requested investment will enable us to perfect the product, finish the molds, conduct our required FDA studies, pursue FDA clearance, film infomercials, manufacture the product, import it for inventory, and run the business.

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Here’s a breakdown of our use of funds:

  • 15% Product Development, Molds, Testing, and Packaging
  • 15% Studies and FDA Clearance
  • 30% Operation, Inventory, Storage, and Shipping
  • 30% Infomercials/T.V. Exposure/Celebrity Endorsements
  • 5% Legal/Patent Protection

About the Inventor

The inventor of RejuvaFace has more than 25 years of experience in sales and building teams for the pharmaceutical industry. Please note that the inventor currently represents 100% of the product.